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RACQ welcomes driving test review


The State’s peak motoring organisation has welcomed the Newman Government’s review of driving tests in Queensland, saying it supports the move to competency-based training and assessment.

The RACQ encouraged Queenslanders to make comment on the eight recommendations of an expert panel to change the Q-SAFE Practical Driver test.

RACQ Executive General Manager for Advocacy, Mr Paul Turner, said the RACQ had input to the recommendations, but would also make further submissions during the public comment period.

"Young drivers are still over-represented in our crash statistics, and it is important to constantly review these licensing laws to make sure they are the best possible," Mr Turner said.

"We also want to see more practical training and testing around the higher risk areas such as merging and right hand turns across traffic and we support an increase in the qualification levels for driver trainers."

The panel has recommended:

  • New driving test format and content, focussing on assessment of the driver’s skill and test routes
  • Changes to the cooling off periods
  • New qualifications for driving examiners 
  • Development of a monitoring system to make sure any changes match best practice
  • Ensure all changes are communicated to the public and driver trainers/examiners. 

Mr Turner said the RACQ agreed there should be multiple set test routes and that they should have a minimum standard of complexity.

However, it was unconvinced the extended ‘cooling off’ periods for second and third failures - first fail same day, second fail seven days, third fail 28 days – were supported by research.  

The RACQ looked forward to discussing the penalties recommendation when more detail and further research was available.

RACQ understood the previous government was also reviewing the other components of Queensland’s Graduated Licensing System introduced in 2007 and looked forward to the results of that review.