Affiliated Clubs

RACQ is a member of the Australian Automobile Association.  Through this relationship, RACQ is affiliated with many other motoring organisations throughout Australia and around the world.  This means that your RACQ membership provides you with reciprocal value and benefits when you travel outside Queensland.

RACQ is affiliated with the following Clubs across the country:

RACV Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
Ph: 1800 333 300

National Roads and Motorists Association (New South Wales)
Ph: 1800 251 574


Royal Automobile Association (South Australia)
Ph: 08 8202 4600

RAC Royal Automobile Club (Western Australia)
Ph: 1800 999 036
RACT Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania
Ph: 03 6232 6300
AANT Automobile Association of Northern Territory
Ph: 08 8925 5901

The services available to you as an RACQ member through these clubs are as follow:

  • Roadside Assistance
    • If you break down, call 13 1111 from anywhere in Australia and you will be connected with the local motoring organisation
    • Upon validation of your RACQ membership basic assistance will be arranged
    • Reciprocal benefits entitle you to the basic roadside assistance cover offered by the local club, depending on where you break down
    • You can seek reimbursement from RACQ for any additional fees paid at the time of breakdown 
    • Your application should include all relevant details, accompanied by the original receipts covering payment, signed by you and submitted within 90 days of the call for service
    • Correspondence should be addressed to: RACQ Road Service Manager, PO Box 4, Springwood QLD 4127

  • Show Your Card & Save
    • You can take advantage of the discounts available in each state, simply by using your RACQ membership card 
    • Please note that the benefits and entitlements available between clubs may be different to those provided by RACQ.

Find out more information about our international affiliates.