Motoring Advice

The RACQ Motoring Advice Service provides RACQ members with a first point of contact on legal information and advice associated with the use and ownership of a motor vehicle in Queensland.

Motoring related queries that the RACQ Motoring Advice Service regularly attend to include information on buying and selling vehicles, warranty queries, disputes with motor vehicle repairers, Queensland road rules as well as motor vehicle accidents and traffic offences.

RACQ has also developed a range of informative fact sheets providing both practical and technical advice on car safety, car maintenance, the latest innovations in vehicle design & safety and issues relating to motoring and you.

Motor Vehicle Accident Tool

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, follow the steps to determine the legal information that is relevant to you and find helpful information.

Unusual Motoring Situations

Find out more about unusual situations such as rear end collisions, shopping centre accidents, pot hole damage, animals on the road, illegally parked cars and more.

Buying a Car

Your complete car buying toolbox is right here including car reviews, price guides, car buying checklists, car safety ratings and car economy reports.

Selling a Car

To achieve the most favourable outcome for the sale of your car, you should know the options available for selling your car.

Car Fact Sheets

RACQ offers information on a variety of motoring topics including engines and oils, maintenance and repairs and buying a car, towing and more.

Safety Fact Sheets

RACQ's fact sheets are designed to give you concise and accurate information relating to a range of car maintenance, design and safety issues.

Traffic Offences

RACQ provides a variety of traffic offence information including informaiton on fog lights, cruise control, speedo accuracy, sat-nav sense and more.


All road users have responsibilities but there are also additional road-sharing obligations depending on whether you drive or cycle. Find out more about the road rules that apply to both Motorists and cyclists.

The contact details for the RACQ Motoring Advice Service are as follows: (07) 3666 9148 (Brisbane) or 1800 623 456 (outside Brisbane).

Motoring Advice Service
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5pm
Sat: 8:00am - 12:30pm
Contact numbers: Toll free: 1800 623 456 (outside Brisbane)
Ph: 07 3666 9148
Fax: 07 3890 8686
Address: 10 Graystone Street
(Cnr Wynnum Road)
Tingalpa QLD 4173
Email: Ask us a question (members only)