Features & Benefits

RACQ Roadside gives you 24 hour roadside assistance to help get you going again, plus access to all of RACQ's club services, including:

  • Free RACQ touring maps for members;
  • Free motoring advice;
  • Free information on traffic and driving matters (in most circumstances) in connection with the use and ownership of a motor vehicle.

You're also eligible for discounted rates on a wide range of products and services, including:

Membership fees effective from 1 July 2013.  All prices include GST.

Read RACQ's Terms and Conditions.


Price $84 p.a. A membership fee of $33 applies to new members (waived in some cases).
Roadside Assistance Any driver of the nominated vehicle. Member must be permanent resident of Queensland.

Local benefits

24-hr roadside assistance

24-hour roadside assistance Australia-wide.

(as part of RACQ roadside assistance after vehicle breakdown)

10km in any direction or up to 40km to the attending RACQ Contractor’s premises

Caravan / trailer towing
(as part of RACQ roadside assistance after caravan/trailer breakdown)

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Special towing

RACQ arranges (member pays)

(after towing)

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Legal representation

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Emergency fuel

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Emergency message facility

RACQ arranges


Free editions

Emergency locksmith assistance

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Rental vehicle after towing

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Travel benefits


When you're away from home RACQ can help arrange any of the following travel benefits at your cost

(Vehicle or caravan/trailer breakdown)

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Rental vehicle

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Rental trailer following a trailer breakdown

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Alternative passenger transport

RACQ arranges (member pays) 

Vehicle recovery

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Urgent spare parts location

RACQ arranges (member pays)

Accident & theft assistance

RACQ arranges (member pays)