3,000 calls for help during downpour

RACQ has revealed its Roadside Assistance Patrols were inundated with almost 3,000 calls for help from across Queensland on Thursday, as parts of the State copped torrential rain.

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said battery issues, flat tyres and lock-outs were the main reason for callouts, as well as tows for members who were stranded due to poor weather.

“With flash flooding and heavy rain reducing visibility, our team had higher-than-usual calls for help,” Ms Ross said.

“The difficult conditions on Thursday saw our patrols on the ground navigating flooded roads and congestion to reach stranded members and get them back on the road safely.”

With rainfalls of up to 320 millimetres already recorded in the south east on Friday, and heavy rainfall predicted to return on Sunday, Ms Ross reminded Queensland drivers to stay away from floodwaters.

“We’ve all heard the message, ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’, but drivers really need to take notice of this warning over the weekend,” she said.

“If you drive into floodwaters, you’re putting the safety of your vehicle and your own life, at risk, as well as emergency services.

“Stay safe if you’re out on the road this weekend and don’t hesitate to call for help if your vehicle breaks down.”

RACQ’s Roadside Assistance service could be contacted on 13 1905.