SEQ residents warned to prepare for destructive supercell

Residents in south east Queensland have been warned to brace for heavy rainfall, large hail and intense winds, with a supercell likely to hit the region on Monday afternoon.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross urged Queenslanders to prepare as the Bureau of Meteorology predicted thunderstorms would hit the south east in the afternoon or evening.

We’re still early in the storm season, so if you haven’t already prepped your property for severe weather, now’s the time to get ready,” Ms Ross said.

“You may want to trim overhanging branches, clear out your gutters and bring your car undercover. 

“With high winds predicted make sure you secure any loose items in your yard, like trampolines or outdoor furniture. 

“Loose items can turn into projectiles and go flying into your property or your neighbours, and can cause major damage.”

Ms Ross said it was also a timely reminder to check the emergency kit and speak with your family about your plan for when a storm hits.

“If you leave these preparations or discussions until a storm hits, it’s usually too late. Talk about what you will do, where you will go and what you need in the case of an emergency,” she said. 

“Your emergency kit should be easy to locate and include things like a torch and spare batteries, a battery-powered radio, enough food and water to last you a few days, spare clothes and any essentials that you use on a daily basis like prescription medication.”