TC Kimi has FNQ in scope

RACQ has warned residents to prepare as Tropical Cyclone Kimi pummelled towards far north Queensland communities.

Club spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said the Category One cyclone was predicted to make landfall early on Monday morning between Cape Flattery and Cairns.

“The weather bureau is warning of destructive winds with gusts to 130 kilometres per hour which could slam coastal and island areas as TC Kimi approaches,” Ms Clinton said. 

“Strong gales and heavy rain could hit from as early as this evening so it’s vital residents in these areas don’t waste any time. 

“While you still have light, secure any loose items in your yard, like trampolines or outdoor furniture and make sure any boats are moored securely. 

“Unsecured property can become projectiles in high winds and cause major damage and put lives at risk.

“Given we’re likely to see a lot of rain with this system we’re bracing for flooding in already sodden communities, so if you’re somewhere low-lying think about moving your car to higher ground.”

Ms Clinton reminded residents to keep across warnings and updates and have an emergency kit with essential food, water and medical supplies.

“Make sure your emergency plan is understood by everyone in your house so everyone is aware of their roles,” she said. 

“Figure out where you would go if you had to evacuate and have a backup in case your first preference becomes unavailable. Remember to take your COVID masks and hand sanitiser if you have them.

“If you’re driving and come across flooded roads turn around and go back – because there’s never a safe time to drive through flood water.”