Bike lane protest putting lives at risk: RACQ

RACQ has condemned the protest by cyclists on a busy urban street today saying it created an unsafe environment for both demonstrators and motorists alike.

Courier Mail has reported Greens councillor Jonathan Sri and bike advocacy group Space4Cycling would use “a chain of human bollards” and items including witches hats to create a pop-up bike lane barrier on busy Hardgrave Road at West End on Friday between 8am and 9am.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said while the motoring body supported safer infrastructure for cyclists, the protest was counter-intuitive.

“By putting hazards and people on the road and narrowing the shoulder, these protesters are risking the safety of all road users, which goes against everything they are fighting for, Ms Ritchie said.

“RACQ and Bicycle Queensland jointly called for the Queensland Government to install separate bicycle infrastructure on all new roads in the last State election.

“If we’re looking at improving safety for both cyclists and motorists, the reality is, we need to be separated from each other. However, we recognise separation won’t always be possible on every road in Queensland which is why a sharing the road mentality is fundamental.”


Cr Sri said residents in West End were frustrated BCC had not invested in separated bike lanes.

“West End has some of the highest rates of cycling in Australia, but we don’t have any barrier-separated bike lanes leading through the heart of the suburb,” Cr Sri said.

BCC’s public and active transport chairman Adrian Schrinner criticised the protest saying it was unsafe and illegal.

“This would be an irresponsible stunt with significant public safety implications,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Placing objects such as pot plants or witch’s hats on the road without approval or appropriate assessment by qualified traffic engineers could lead to confusion and potentially put the safety of both cyclists and motorists at risk.”

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