RACQ advocates for Qld's financial wellbeing

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the online portal was now open to any Queenslander and a series of free webinars would kick-start the Club’s push for greater financial wellbeing. 

“It can be really easy to put your financial wellbeing on the backburner, but the economic challenges presented by COVID-19 have meant many of us no longer have the freedom to put off some necessary changes,” Ms Smith said.

This is why we’ve built content that any Queenslander can watch, read or download to learn about how to recover from not only COVID-19 challenges but improve their long-term financial wellbeing.

“This content will cover five core themes to build confidence and financial literacy: superannuation and retirement, budgets and savings, safe banking, government and community support, and managing debt.”

Ms Smith said the Club would host its first free webinar on June 18 on superannuation changes during COVID-19. 

“With millions of Australians applying for early withdrawal of their super, it’s really important we all understand what this withdrawal could mean for our retirement and what other options are available,” she said.

“In a short, 30-minute webinar with one of our financial planners, Eszter Cathcart, anyone can learn what questions they should ask themselves before making an early withdrawal and how to make the right decision for their situation. 

“To start building your financial wellbeing, visit our dedicated portal at racq.com/financialwellbeing.”