Call for lawyers to face the jury

RACQ has taken the next step in its campaign to inform members and raise questions about the current Queensland Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme, holding a Citizens’ Jury in Brisbane at the weekend.

A group of almost 40 randomly selected Queenslanders met as part of the ReThink CTP campaign to hear from key stakeholders about the pros and cons of the current scheme.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said the jurors heard from an actuary and a member of the medical community but were eager to hear from as many members of the legal community as possible.

“The jurors want to ensure they hear from all key stakeholders in the scheme and understand all points of view to make sure they can give balanced recommendations,” Mr Turner said. 

“We’ve invited several legal representative groups, as well as a range of legal firms, but to date have only secured a single plaintiff lawyer willing to speak to the jury. 

“The Australian Lawyers Alliance, Queensland Law Society and Queensland Bar Association have all been invited and declined.

“We’d be eager to hear from any legal professionals willing to take part in the process.”

In a message directly to the legal profession the jury have called on plaintiff lawyers to meet with them next month or provide a submission to allow them to make an informed decision. 

“For us, as everyday citizens, to not have a vital stakeholder offer their perspective, may compromise our deliberations and recommendations,” the message said. 

Mr Turner said RACQ was funding the process but was committed to ensuring it remained independent. 

“We’ve engaged the services of DemocracyCo to run the Citizens’ Jury and the jury have been given a session on critical thinking to help them identify bias,” he said. 

“We’ve launched ReThink CTP, not as an insurance company, but as a member organization that collectively represents the voices of road users around the State.”

Mr Turner said RACQ would accept the views put forward by the independent jury and was committed to working with the State Government in a bid to enhance the scheme for the future.   

All Queenslanders have been invited to have their say through a community survey and public submission process open until 3 March.