Integrated public transport to ease commuter pain

RACQ has called for the Government to scrap its multiple transport agencies in favour of one integrated public transport authority to oversee the delivery of all services across Queensland, saving commuters time and money.

The motoring body’s Paul Turner urged both sides of politics to commit to the plan, which would improve reliability, reduce congestion and deliver savings, before voters headed to the polls.

“Recent data shows patronage on buses, ferries and trains has fallen by 2.7 million trips in the 12 months to June, with a growing number of commuters sick of dealing with a fractured system that is notoriously unreliable,” Mr Turner said.

“We need to bring Queensland into line with other world-class cities like Helsinki, London, and even Perth where there is a Public Transport Authority. The roll out of an integrated public transport system is the first step.

“Commuters want seamless end-to end services on trains, ferries and buses, that will get them to their destination on time. Current services are unable to deliver door-to-door journeys, which leaves many commuters frustrated and more likely to jump in their cars.”

Mr Turner said the integration of Translink, Queensland Rail, Transdev and Brisbane City Council’s transport subsidiary would also see administrative costs slashed, saving millions of dollars which could be reinvested into improved services.

“This stand-alone authority will keep pace with the growth of our State and ensure commuters are delivered reliable, cost effective, end-to-end transport,” he said.

“Investing in public transport goes hand in hand with RACQ’s priority roads projects to reduce congestion and ensure Queensland is future-proofed.”