Qlders urged to lock up or lose it as car theft surges

RACQ has warned Queenslanders to treat their car keys like cash as the State recorded a 15 percent increase in car theft in the last year.

As the Courier-Mail reported this morning, 15,010 car thefts were reported in 2018-19, an increase of approximately 2000. 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said even though Queenslanders were spending less time in their cars and more time at home right now, they shouldn’t get complacent. 

“It’s unfortunately really common for car thieves to steal vehicles from driveways, garages or while parked on the street,” Ms Ross said. 

“While we’re all using our cars less right now, it can make them an easy target for thieves as they sit idly in the street.”

Ms Ross said the concerning increase in car theft really highlighted how Queenslanders need to take extra precautions to keep their vehicle safe.

“It’s really concerning how commonplace vehicle theft has become and it’s really important that you treat your car keys like cash,” she said.

“Never leave them in an easily accessible place in the house, like near the front door or in the garage, and make sure you’re always locking your car even if you’re just popping in and out. 

“Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of people out there who think car thieving is ‘essential work’!”