Don't let your new freedoms come at a cost: RACQ

As Queenslanders rushed to take advantage of COVID-19 restrictions being eased, RACQ has issued a reminder about home security as new data revealed it had received more than 4,100 insurance claims for theft in recent years.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said before Queenslanders headed off camping, holidaying or even for a long drive, they needed to remember to properly secure their homes and valuables. 

“It’s wonderful we can begin to get out and about again in our great State, but we don’t want you coming home to disaster,” Ms Ross said. 

“Many of us have been home for quite some time and may have relaxed a little when it comes to home security. 

“Before you head out, especially if you’re planning to go away for the school holidays later this month, get back into old habits of locking all doors and windows and safely storing valuable items before leaving the house.”

Ms Ross said the data also revealed the most commonly stolen items from Queensland homes.  

“Our data shows cash, jewellery and computers and laptops are the most common items stolen,” she said. “Jewellery can often be sentimental and difficult to replace, photos on stolen computers can be priceless and impossible to replace.

“Don’t risk it, lock up and secure any valuables out of sight, and don’t publicise on social media that you’re not home.”