Queenslanders don’t know what do in a crash

An alarming one in four Queensland drivers don’t know what to do if they’re involved in a car crash, new research by RACQ has revealed.

Media Release 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said a collision could be a traumatic experience, and the driver may even need to make an insurance claim, so the first step was to keep a level head and to ensure everyone involved was safe. 

“If you do have a crash, the most important thing is to remain calm – and then make sure you and others in the car are safe. Check if anyone has been injured and ensure everyone is out of harm’s way,” Ms Ross said. 

“If your car is blocking traffic and can be moved, get it to the side of the road to avoid additional collisions. But, if the damage is severe, leave all vehicles where they are and call 000.”

Ms Ross said if the driver needed to make an insurance claim, it was important to record a description of what happened, who was involved, and when and where the crash occurred.

“Take some notes, along with photos if it’s safe to do so as this could make it easier when lodging your claim,” she said.

“Exchange your name, address, phone number, registration and insurance details with the other motorists involved and, if there are other witnesses, get their information too because this is what you’ll need for your insurer.

“And remember, in Queensland, you only need to call police to a crash if there’s a fatality or someone requires medical attention, a threat to public safety, if you suspect drugs or alcohol were involved, if the other driver refuses to provide details, there’s a driver with an impairment needing assistance, or if there’s significant infrastructure damage. 

“Once you have the information you need, submit your claim and pass all the facts on to your insurer as soon as you can.

“If you’re insured with RACQ, give us a call on 13 7202 so we can get the process started.”