RACQ Foundation to help drought-stricken Morven farmers

As part of RACQ Foundation’s continued commitment to helping drought-affected Queensland communities, 12 RACQ staff volunteers will head to Morven in south west Queensland this month for the fifth RACQ Drought Assistance Project.

RACQ Foundation’s Darryn Hammond said the project, organised in conjunction with Drought Angels, would see expert mechanical volunteers assist farmers with repairing machinery, four-wheel drives, quad bikes and motorbikes which were important tools to help farmers earn an income.

“Without money coming in, some farmers have had vital machinery sitting broken for months, unable to justify the costly repairs,” Mr Hammond said.

“RACQ will send out experts who’ll hopefully be able to get the machinery going again to help ease the pressure on these families.”

Mr Hammond said non-mechanical staff volunteers would help with other chores on the farms.

“Our staff are keen to lend a hand however they can, whether it be repairing broken fencing, feeding livestock or making improvements to homesteads,” he said.

For the first time, two expert financial planners from RACQ Bank would also offer their free services for a coffee and a chat with farmers who wanted some financial advice.

Mr Hammond said the final day of the Morven trip would be a town-wide celebration known as the ‘RDO’ – or Rural Day Out.

“The RDO is designed to get all farmers from the Morven region away from their farms and together to relax and have some fun,” he said.

“Our staff, along with Drought Angels, will volunteer at the event and our Mobile Member Centre – our big yellow truck, will head to Morven to join the celebrations.

“With nearly 57 percent of Queensland in drought, and Morven drought declared since April 2013, we hope this trip will make a big difference to the lives of these Queensland families.”

The first RACQ Drought Assistance Project took place in 2016 when six RACQ volunteers headed to Longreach to assist locals.

RACQ Livings latest podcast discussed the drought in Queensland and included an emotional interview with a grazier from Charleville, RACQ Foundation volunteers and Drought Angels.