Sunshine Coast residents targeted by storm chasers

After the region was slammed by a severe hailstorm, Caloundra and Sunshine Coast residents have reported they’re being approached by dodgy third party contractors trying to coerce them into making non-genuine insurance claims.

Commonly referred to as ‘storm chasers’, repair companies have targeted homeowners with promises of new rooves, free window repairs and quick repairs, but only if they signed a legally-binding contract. 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club had received complaints from its Caloundra members about phone calls, texts, emails and doorknocking from these third party contractors who they had never heard of before. 

“These storm chasers door knock locals after a hail event hits an area, claiming you’ll be eligible for a new roof or other repairs, if you sign a contract with them that allows them to contact your insurer directly on your behalf,” Ms Ross said.

“The risk is, if the claim is found to be non-genuine by your insurer, you might find yourself with an expensive repair bill that you’re legally obligated to cover.

“We don’t condone this predatory practice and are urging all Queenslanders to reach out to their insurer in the first instance, rather than take up a deal that might simply be too good to be true.” 

Ms Ross said non-genuine claims and ‘storm chasers’ were frequently causing issues for a community after severe weather events.

“The industry has seen premiums increase across a region after storm chasers hit insurers with non-genuine claims,” she said.

“Unfortunately, more than just the individual member can be impacted by an unnecessary claim – the broader community may also feel the impact if premiums rise.

“This is why we want Queenslanders to shut the door or hang up the phone on any dodgy storm chaser.”