Townsville locals spend $13k on transport

7 August 2018 Townsville residents have forked out on average $13,464 a year in transport costs which made it the third largest household expense after housing and food.

According to the Australian Automobile Association’s (AAA) latest Transport Affordability Index, the cost to own and run a car and catch public transport increased by $165 per annum in the June quarter, well above the average regional increase of $140.

RACQ’s Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said regional residents were feeling the pinch.

“Registration, licensing, taxes and tolls are hitting the hip pocket hard in Townsville –and it’s unacceptable,” Dr Michael said.

“If the State Government was serious about driving down the cost of living it would start by freezing rego costs for three years.”

Dr Michael blamed rising fuel prices for a significant proportion of the hike, saying they accounted for an extra $5 being added to the weekly household budget in Townsville.

“These kinds of increases put added pressure on families, which is why we look forward to the start of the real time fuel price monitoring trial in December,” she said.

“Price monitoring alone won’t bring the cost of fuel down – but people power will.  Motorists should use fuel price apps or websites to find the cheapest fuel and reward those retailers charging fair prices with your business.

“Competition between fuel stations is the best way to drive down prices and secure the cheapest deal.”

AAA is the peak organisation for Australia’s motoring clubs including RACQ.