Sunny Coast roads slowing drivers to a crawl

The State’s peak motoring body has revealed some Sunshine Coast drivers were forced to travel at not much more than running pace during peak hour traffic, due to growing congestion.

Data obtained from the Department of Transport and Main Roads and analysed by RACQ found Caloundra motorists were some of the worst off, with traffic on parts of Caloundra Road limping along at just 13 km/h on average during the afternoon peak period.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the section of Caloundra Road between Baldwin Street and the notorious Nicklin Way roundabout was the biggest pinch point on the Sunshine Coast.

“Average speeds on this stretch have consistently crawled over the past few months, with the westbound run home in the afternoon a real time-waster for drivers,” Dr Michael said.

“The new traffic lights in place at the roundabout are only a band-aid fix so it’s well overdue for an upgrade to combat this daily congestion.

“With 36,000 vehicles using this road every day, it’s time we saw some long-term solutions like a large signalised intersection and a link established between Third Avenue and Nicklin Way. This would improve the flow of the roundabout and other slow sections along Bowman Road.”

Dr Michael said Maroochydore motorists had not fared much better as they moved a measly 16km/h on average in the morning on Aerodrome Road/Alexandra Parade from Maroochydore Road through to Buderim Avenue.

“While we’d welcome intersection improvements and a review of traffic light coordination, ultimately a public transport overhaul is the only answer to easing congestion and meeting the transport needs of this rapidly growing population, especially as the nearby Maroochydore CBD development progresses,” she said.

“It’s only fair for those who come to live, work and play on the coast to have a road and transport network that can keep up.”

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