Don’t put your head in the sand: RACQ

9 January 2018 Queenslanders headed to the beach these school holidays have been warned to take proper precautions with their belongings as unsupervised keys were an easy target for car thieves.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said RACQ insurance research found one quarter of Queenslanders surveyed admitted to not properly securing their keys when at the beach.

“Summer means beach time for many Queenslanders, but unfortunately not everyone there has good intentions,” Ms Clinton said.

“Opportunistic thieves have been known to take keys from towels and bags on the beach, and simply wander the carpark pressing the unlock button until they find the right car to steal.

“We’re warning people to be extra vigilant when at the beach, either keeping their keys on them or well-hidden in a bag that is constantly being watched.”

Ms Clinton warned against some unsafe tactics Queensland beach-goers had admitted to doing when attempting to secure their valuables.

“Some of the silly things people have confessed to include burying the keys in the sand or putting them on the tyre of the car when going for a dip,” she said.

“Instead, we recommend you keep them on you, or employ the buddy system where you take turns swimming while another watches your belongings.

“People should also consider whether it’s worth wearing or taking certain valuables to the beach like jewellery, cameras and tablets.  It’s also important to check your insurance is up-to-date before heading away on holidays and see what you have cover for outside the home.”