RACQ comes to aid of 260,000 Qlders on roadside

More than 260,000 Queenslanders called RACQ for help on the roadside in the past six months, and flat batteries were the number one reason.

Media Release

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said it had been a busy first half of the year for RACQ Roadside patrols, and warned motorists of the need for basic and regular car maintenance.

“While our winters are milder than other parts of the country, we need to remember a few chilly nights in a row can quickly kill a battery that’s already in a weakened state,” Ms Ross said.

“There are simple things you can do to avoid a flat battery, like not leaving your lights on and avoiding charging devices when the engine isn’t running. A sluggish start in the morning is another sign you may need a replacement.”

Ms Ross said flat tyres and wheel changes were the second most common reason for calls.

“A regular car maintenance check looking at oil and water levels, as well as tyres, is something you can do regularly at home,” she said. 

“Don’t forget to do a thorough tyre check for foreign objects, air pressure, and tread – your wheels are the only thing between you and the road so you want to make sure they’re safe.” 

Ms Ross said RACQ Roadside patrols had also come to the rescue of more than 22,000 people who had accidentally locked themselves out of their vehicle.

“We’re really proud to say we can get 93 percent of our members back on the road again straight away, so if you find yourself in trouble, give us a call us on 13 1905, or contact us via our Roadside Assistance App.” 

Top three reasons for RACQ Roadside Assistance call outs January to June 2019:

1. Battery replaced
2. Flat tyre/wheel change 
3. Lockout.