Showroom EOFYS deals could trap buyers: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has warned drivers tempted by car bargains at end of financial year sales (EOFYS) to research their purchase carefully or risk being left out of pocket.

Media release

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said those in the market for a new car needed to be savvy. 

“We often see great deals on new cars around June, but make sure you’re not being taken for a ride,” Ms Hunter said.

“In some cases, these are just everyday prices dressed up EOFYS deals to persuade unsuspecting buyers into thinking they’ve nabbed a new car at a rock bottom price.

“If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. There’s a chance new stock is about to come into the showroom and what you’re being offered will soon be outdated.

“If you’re keen to pick up a 2019 model for example, make sure you check the date of manufacture, and specify this in the sale contract if need be.

“It’s also wise to look beyond the sticker price and factor in whether you really need all those accessories – the dealer might be trying to upsell to you.”

Ms Hunter reminded drivers to factor in the ongoing costs of car ownership, which would continue once they left the dealership.

“It’s easy to fall for a cheap deal, but you need to think about how much the car will cost four or five years down the track,” she said.

“You’ll always be forking out for registration, insurance, regular services, repayments and of course fuel – so make sure you have the ability to continue these payments.

“Buying a car should be a considered, well-thought-out decision. Do your sums, know your budget and make sure you don’t get talked into buying something you’re not going to be able to afford in the long run.”