Tailgaters driving Queenslanders crazy

Tailgating has been touted as the most infuriating behaviour on Queensland roads, for a fourth year in a row.

Media Release

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said almost 93 percent of drivers who responded to the Club’s ‘What Drives You Crazy’ survey said motorists travelling too close was the most frustrating habit. 

“We’ve seen tailgating rank highly once again and it’s of real concern so many drivers still don’t fully appreciate the danger,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Tailgating doesn’t just cause stress to others, it can also increase the risk of nose-to-tail crashes, and at speed, the results of that can be serious and even fatal.

“We also found drivers who increase their speed while someone is trying to overtake them is another habit that really grinded the gears of many people while behind the wheel.”

Ms Ritchie said other irritating behaviours like littering, using mobile phones and not indicating correctly rounded out the top five for 2019.

“Many of these aren’t just dangerous and discourteous – they’re also highly illegal,” she said.

“If you’re caught doing them you could land yourself a hefty fine and demerit points.

“We all have the right to feel safe on our roads, and that needs to start with everyone getting back to basics by following the rules and showing each other a little respect along the way.”

Top five most frustrating behaviours: 
Increasing speed when being overtaken 
Texting or using handheld mobile phones 
Incorrectly indicating or failure to do so.