Brisbane – the most expensive cap city for transport

14 May 2018 A new report has revealed transport costs in Brisbane had increased by a whopping $249 per year, making the River City the most expensive capital city in the country to get around.

RACQ said the Australian Automobile Association’s Transport Affordability Index showed Brisbane transport users continued to be punished at the hip pocket when costs were scaled by the average household income.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said motorists had every right to be frustrated.

“To think transport costs have jumped by almost $250 in one year is outrageous,” Mr Turner said.

The regional Queensland city of Townsville was also examined in the report and it was revealed transport costs had increased there by more than $260 per year.

Mr Turner said rising CTP, car loan payments and public transport costs had contributed to the jump.

“We’re paying too much to get around and unfortunately these costs keep going up. From 1 July there’ll be more pain for Queensland motorists when rego and driver licence fees increase by 3.5 percent,” he said.

“All toll road tolls, apart from the AirportlinkM7, will also go up in line with the Consumer Price Index.

“We really need the State Government to step in and take action to push these unreasonable transport costs down. As a starting point, it needs to commit to freezing registration for three years to help combat some of the pain drivers are feeling.”

The full Transport Affordability Index report which analysed transport costs both as dollar values and as a percentage of income could be viewed here.

The Australian Automobile Association is the peak organisation for the country’s motoring clubs including RACQ.