Young drivers overconfident ahead of schoolies: RACQ

14 November 2018 As thousands of school leavers prepare to head to celebrations this week, the State’s peak motoring body has revealed an alarming number of young drivers were overconfident about their abilities on the road.

RACQ’s Young Drivers Survey found more than 70 percent of P1 and P2 drivers rated their driving ability as better than their peers.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said while celebrating the end of your schooling was exciting, young revellers shouldn’t push their limits.

“We’ll see a lot of P platers heading off on trips with their friends, potentially driving long distances,” Ms Hunter said.

“Remember, learning doesn’t stop once you get your licence. We see a huge spike in accidents when drivers get their P plates and a car full of friends can be a major distraction.

“Don’t forget the Fatal Five, in particular drinking and driving. Not only is drinking and driving dangerous, if you are on your P plates you must legally have zero blood alcohol content. Be aware you could still be over that limit the day after a big night of drinking.”

Ms Hunter called on parents and carers to talk to their children about how they will get around during Schoolies Week.

“When you talk to your kids about their plans, it’s a good time to have a chat about safety,” Ms Hunter said.

“There is no excuse for drinking and driving or getting in a car with a drink driver. There are always options like taxis, ridesharing services, public transport, or even calling mum or dad if they’re nearby.

“Schoolies need to make sure they’re staying alert when crossing roads or around vehicles. We want to make sure everyone enjoys the party and gets home safely.”