RACQ urges Qlders to lock up or lose it this Christmas

As Queenslanders get ready to head away for the silly season, one of the State’s largest insurers has urged homeowners to be wary of thieves.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club had received 126 claims for home theft over the festive season last year, with items like cash, rings, computers and jewellery topping the Christmas thief’s list. 

“Unfortunately, thieves often strike at Christmas time because they know people will be away from home,” Ms Ross said.

“They also know many people might have valuable, new items at home ready for Christmas Day and strike before you’ve even had a chance to finish the wrapping. 

“We’ve seen 2,619 claims for home theft in the last two years, with December and January some of the worst months for stolen items or building damage. There’s clearly no rest for the wicked!”

Ms Ross said homeowners should do a few simple things before they leave their home unattended on the festive break.

“Make sure you dispose of receipts and packaging carefully so a thief going through your rubbish won’t be able to tell if there’s a new TV, gaming set or other tempting item inside your home,” she said. 

“While it’s important to lock all windows and doors when you leave, you also need to do this when you’re home. 

“It’s easy for someone to come in through an unlocked front door and take a few items undetected, while you’re out in the backyard enjoying the Christmas festivities. Remember to lock up this Christmas so you don’t lose out!”