Shonky storm chasers may push up local premiums

RACQ has warned Sunshine Coast residents ‘storm chasers’ who hounded Gympie and Gold Coast residents earlier this year have brought their dodgy tactics to the coast.

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After a powerful hailstorm pounded parts of the Sunshine Coast last month, Club members raised concerns about approaches by ‘door knockers’.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said members were being approached with offers to help initiate insurance claims for non-genuine roof and home repairs.

“We saw severe storms sweep through the Sunshine Coast in September, causing damage to plenty of properties,” Ms Ross said.

“However, it’s really concerning we’re now seeing storm chasers knocking on the doors of residents, encouraging them to make non-genuine insurance claims.

“These third parties offer to take on the role of progressing your claim with your insurer. Our concern is if you do accept this ‘help’, and your claim isn’t accepted by your insurer because there’s no genuine loss, you might be left to foot the bill for expensive repairs yourself.”

Ms Ross said ‘storm chasers’ caused significant problems in Gympie after damaging storms last year and now threatened to do the same on the Sunshine Coast.

“It might seem appealing when someone knocks on your door offering to handle repairs to your home. But if a deal seems too good to be true, it generally is, and that’s certainly the case here,” she said.

“Unnecessary claims have negative consequences for everyone with home insurance because premiums can be forced up as a result. 

“We’re committed to protecting our members and providing affordable insurance for all Queenslanders, so please be vigilant if you’re approached by a ‘storm chaser’.”