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16 August 2018 The State’s peak motoring body has forewarned drivers they should expect partial road closures to some of Brisbane’s major CBD thoroughfares in the future, in an effort to improve pedestrian safety.

Courier Mail reported Brisbane City Council had received hundreds of submissions from the public to its ‘Move Safe’ survey, which included calls to close Albert Street to traffic.

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RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said there would be a major transformation of the CBD in the future in favour of pedestrians.

“When the Cross River Rail station opens on Albert Street this will significantly change how we use the roads in that area,” Mr Turner said.

“Motorists need to understand we will soon start to see the pedestrianisation of street access to the CBD and they need to be prepared. It’s not an ‘if’ situation, it’s ‘when’.

“It doesn’t do anyone any good for motorists to say that things should stay the way they are – we all need to be aware of the changes coming and get onboard.”

Mr Turner said another change to the CBD to improve pedestrian safety would be the introduction of scramble crossings, which would allow pedestrians at intersections to cross in all directions at once.

“Scramble crossings have proven to be effective in some sections of the CBD, but drivers need to be aware they will slow the flow of traffic and increase congestion,” he said.

“This is the future of Brisbane. If we want to see our public transport system grow and develop, we have to think about changes to the way we move around high pedestrian traffic areas.”