Brisbane drivers slugged highest off-street parking costs

18 July 2018 Brisbane motorists copped higher short-term off-street parking fees than those in any other Australian capital city, new research released by RACQ has revealed.

The Club’s latest CBD Parking Report revealed Brisbane was not only more expensive than Sydney and Melbourne for off-street parking costs for one hour or less but was also the second dearest for two hour and all-day parking.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said, on average, Brisbane drivers paid $28.71 to park in the city for one hour and $16.98 for just 30 minutes.

“It’s daylight robbery for motorists and sadly this just discourages them from coming to the CBD to go shopping or have a meal,” Dr Michael said.

“Since 2001, average weekday casual parking rates have more than quadrupled and there’s no justification for it – motorists are being ripped-off.

“If we don’t see more competitive pricing of parking in the CBD, drivers will vote with wallets and favour suburban shopping centres where parking is cheaper, or better yet free.”

While the number of parking stations charging a maximum fee of $89 per day for parking had dropped from 11 to seven, Dr Michael said drivers still had to employ savvy tactics to avoid being slugged.

“Drivers should aim to support the cheaper carparks and plan their visits to the CBD by booking online and utilising early-bird rates,” she said.

“Parking stations like King George Square or Wickham Terrace are operated by Brisbane City Council, which sees them priced well below the average.”

Brisbane had the cheapest on-street parking at $4.90 per hour, when compared with Melbourne and Sydney at $7.00 per hour and $7.20 per hour respectively.

RACQ’s Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne CBD Parking Report could be found here.