Batteries don’t like Mondays either: RACQ

New RACQ data has revealed batteries, just like people, found it hard to get going on Monday mornings, with this the most common time for members to call for help.

Media Release

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said RACQ’s Roadside Assistance patrols had replaced almost 178,000 batteries in the past 12 months, with 28,000 of them installed on Mondays.

“Car batteries work best when they’re regularly used so it’s when you’ve parked your car for some time that problems are likely to occur,” Ms Ross said. 

“For example, in two car households it’s common for one car to be driven on the weekend and it’s on Monday morning when a battery fault is discovered with the second vehicle.”

Ms Ross said weather conditions could also have a significant impact on car battery life.

“While you might think cold starts in winter would be the main problem for your battery, heat is actually a bigger killer in Queensland,” she said.

“With temperatures on the rise and predictions of a very warm summer ahead, there are a few simple things you can do to extend the life of your battery. 

“Don’t leave lights on when the engine isn’t running and regularly check your battery for wear. When you park, make sure accessories are disabled, internal lights are switched off and the doors are all closed properly. And remember, if you get stuck, call us on 13 1111.”