UPDATE: Second shark attack victim rescued

20 September 2018 A 12 year old girl was the second person to be mauled by a shark and suffer life-threatening injuries in the Whitsundays in just 24 hours.

RACQ CQ Rescue was called to Cid Harbour at Whitsunday Island, about 100km north of Mackay on Thursday, where a child suffered a life-threatening wound down to the bone in her upper left leg.

The injury was very similar to the bite suffered by a 46 year old Tasmanian tourist the day before.

The rescue helicopter medical team described the girl’s injury as “absolutely horrific”.

The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter landed on a beach close to the harbour, and a doctor and paramedic were transferred to the boat to stabilise her. The girl’s father accompanied her on the rescue helicopter.

She has since undergone emergency surgery on her injured leg.


On Wednesday RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter flew a 46 year old woman to Mackay Base Hospital in a serious condition with life-threatening injuries after a shark mauled her right upper leg in Cid Harbour.

The injured woman had been pulled from the water onto a yacht. As the RACQ CQ Rescue crew were unable to winch off the yacht, the injured woman was put into a dinghy and taken 100 metres from the boat.
RACQ CQ Rescue crewman Ben McCauley was then winched into the water, swam to the dinghy and climbed on board.The patient was then winched into the helicopter and treated by the critical care paramedic.

“Given how serious her injuries were and how far from shore and from medical help they were, without the rescue helicopter I don’t think she would have made it back to the mainland alive,” Mr McCauley said.
On Friday, the woman was reportedly in a stable condition at a Brisbane hospital.