Drivers slugged by long weekend fuel hike

RACQ has warned drivers to do their homework before filling up for the long weekend or risk getting stung at the bowser, with unleaded prices varying by as much as 40 cents per litre (cpl) across the south east.

Media Release

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said unleaded prices had started to hike in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich, and drivers should fill up now while there was still cheap fuel available across the south east.

“We’re seeing some service stations still charging as low as 101.9cpl but already 11 percent of servos have jacked up prices to 145cpl or above, with some as high as 147.9cpl,” Ms Smith said.

“We’re incredibly disappointed to see some fuel companies, particularly Coles Express, are pushing up prices before the long weekend.

“For those wanting to explore Queensland this weekend or heading over the border with the easing of restrictions, we can’t stress enough to use apps and websites with real-time prices to find the cheapest deal. 

“Don’t get caught out paying top dollar for fuel and fill the tank now at a servo offering a fair deal before all the cheap fuel disappears.”

Ms Smith said for those taking a road trip, it may be cheaper to fill up when they reached their destination rather than at home. 

“On the Sunshine Coast we’ve seen fuel for less than 100cpl, and in some pockets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast savvy drivers will nab a bargain close to that price,” she said.

“There are also some good prices to be found in regional areas, particularly in the Wide Bay region, so it really pays to shop around. 

“If we support those servos offering cheaper fuel we can keep prices low by sending a message to the more expensive companies they need to compete for our business.”