More than 1.6 million members to gain fuel discounts: RACQ

RACQ has announced a fuel discount for its more than 1.6 million members as the State’s largest Club continued its efforts to drive down fuel prices in Queensland.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the deal with independent fuel retailer chain Puma Energy was the first of its kind in the Club’s 112 year history and followed extensive research.

“We asked our members what direct steps RACQ should make to help drive down fuel prices and they called out for discounts at the bowser,” Mr Turner said.

“We’ve spent decades campaigning for cheaper fuel prices in Queensland, and this is another step in our journey to drive down those prices across the State.

“We’re also negotiating with other retailers, all at the lower end of the price range, to offer additional discounts.”

RACQ members would receive a discount of four cents per litre from participating Puma fuel stations. Puma currently has more than 110 stations across the State.

Mr Turner said the decision followed campaigns by RACQ to stop misleading advertising, with new legislation to prohibit discounted prices on main fuel price boards from 31 January.

“It was only after the State Government introduced the fair fuel price signage policy for all fuel retailers that RACQ agreed to this fuel discount offer with Puma,” he said.

“The fact is Queensland’s fuel market is dominated by the majors and the supermarket chains, and we need more competition from the smaller chains and independents to drive down prices.

“Our independence and campaigning for lower fuel prices is unchanged by this agreement. In fact, it’s written into the agreement that RACQ’s advocacy on fuel prices is sacrosanct.

“We’ll remain fearless and independent in our commentary regardless of who we partner with.”

RACQ has over the last few years:

  • Created and launched a Fair Fuel Price service on
  • Successfully campaigned for ACCC investigations into prices in Cairns and Brisbane
  • Provided daily fuel price and buy/not buy advice in news bulletins State-wide
  • Participated in the Queensland fuel summit
  • Campaigned for fuel check real time fuel data for Queensland (as it is in New South Wales)
  • Launched road conditions, including cheap fuel sites, on its RACQ Live website