Cairns fuel price outrage: State Gov must step in

23 January 2018 RACQ has renewed calls for the State Government to introduce real-time fuel price data after a new report revealed prices in Cairns had jumped more than 12 cents per litre (cpl) on average in the past year.

The Club’s Annual Fuel Price Report revealed the average price of unleaded petrol (ULP) had reached 140cpl in 2017 – up from 127.6cpl in 2016.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said while some of the rise was proportioned to the increase in the global oil price, indicative retail margins in Cairns had increased from 17.2cpl in 2016 to 19.4cpl in 2017.

“Motorists in Cairns have been suffering for years – there’s no way petrol stations can justify charging these outrageous prices and taking such huge retail margins,” Ms Smith said.

“This report shows what drivers in the far north already know – they’re being ripped off.”

Ms Smith said it was time the Queensland Government stepped in and delivered real-time price data to drivers.

“Motorists deserve price transparency. It’s currently very difficult to compare prices in Cairns when some retailers refuse to publish their data – that’s why we need to legislate that all retailers provide real-time price information so drivers can make an informed choice of where to fill up,” she said.

Ms Smith said motorists could take some simple steps to avoid paying too much for fuel.

“The introduction of two United service stations in the past 12 months in the Cairns area has been positive – they and some of their neighbours are charging lower prices and this means motorists now have a cheaper option to support in the area,” she said.

“Our advice to drivers is to always ensure they only fill up at the servos charging the lowest price in town. That way we can use people power to try to drive down the price of fuel.”

RACQ’s Annual Fuel Price Report can be viewed at on RACQ’s website.