Intersections where you are most likely to crash

The intersection of Kedron Park and Lutwyche roads in Brisbane’s north has been revealed as the new hot spot for serious crashes in south east Queensland.

Media Release 

Department of Transport and Main Roads data analysed by RACQ named it as the worst location with the corner of Greenbank Road and Mt Lindsay Highway and Gold Coast Highway and Clifford Street intersection at Surfers Paradise taking out the top three.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said what the intersections had in common was high traffic volume at peak traffic times.

“We’re seeing these as the top trouble spots as they’re extremely busy and often congested making them prone to crashes,” Ms Ross said.

“The corner of Kedron Park and Lutwyche Road has jumped up the list as it’s a large complex intersection where people are getting caught out when not paying attention to traffic signals.

“When you look at Greenbank Road and the Mt Lindsay Highway and Gold Coast and Clifford Street intersection, the common theme for crashes is people are simply not giving way correctly.”

Ms Ross with 15,000 RACQ members in south east Queensland making a car crash claim each year, it was clear motorists needed to do more to take care when behind the wheel.

“There are costs for car repairs but also to society through infrastructure damage and sadly for hospital and emergency services’” she said.

“We all have a role to play, starting with not getting frustrated on the road. Take it easy and obey the rules so you get where you’re going without putting yourself or others at risk.

“We also now need to look for ways to reduce traffic on major roads. All levels of government need to commit to road and intersection upgrades to relieve congestion, reduce crashes and provide alternative corridors.”