Self-confessed speedsters dicing with death

Almost three quarters of drivers admit to speeding.

Motorists have been challenged to take an honest assessment of their driving behaviours as new research revealed nearly three quarters of drivers had admitted to speeding.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said it was shocking the Club’s latest research showed 72.8 percent of drivers admitted to speeding, given it was one of the leading causes of death on Queensland roads.

“Tragically, the vast majority of fatalities in Queensland are caused by human error and are avoidable – people who’re speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, distracted, are too tired or are drink driving,” Mr Turner said.

“Across the State, we’ve had more than 160 fatalities on our roads this year with thousands more seriously injured.”

RACQ’s call to action began during Queensland Road Safety Week, which ran during the last week of August and highlighted key road safety issues including the Fatal Five, in the hope motorists would take greater responsibility for their actions behind the wheel.

Mr Turner said all road users including pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and heavy vehicle drivers, should focus on how they could adapt their behaviour to keep themselves and others safe.

“We’re urging everyone to think about the actions they take to protect themselves and the others around them. Whether they’re in a car or on a bike, we want everyone to get home safely,” he said.

“A licence isn’t a right, it’s a privilege, so if you need to brush up on the rules, now’s the perfect time to do it.”