Clean up your act and bring some good ‘car-ma’

Queensland drivers have been warned to clean up their acts, after the State’s peak motoring body revealed the alarming number who confessed to being aggressive behind the wheel.

Media Release 

Results from a recent RACQ survey revealed three-quarters of drivers in the Sunshine State had admitted to displaying acts of aggression towards other motorists in the last year. 

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said more than one third of drivers surveyed had carried out some of the more serious behaviours like tailgating, suddenly braking and swerving, and cutting in front and deliberately slowing down.

“These figures are truly frightening but what’s also concerning is the number of drivers who think these acts are actually acceptable,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“Surprisingly, one in 10 drivers believe honking the horn, using offensive hand gestures and following another driver aren’t aggressive actions.” 

Ms Ritchie said interestingly, eight out of 10 women and seven out of 10 men admitted to driving aggressively.

“According to the results women are more likely to lose their cool behind the wheel, or perhaps they’re simply more honest when it comes to owning up to it, but regardless of gender we can all afford to think about how we’re driving on Queensland roads,” she said.

“We know discourteousness breeds further bad behaviour, drivers who have been the victim of aggression are more likely to act poorly in turn.”

Ms Ritchie said if you found yourself in immediate danger, you should dial triple zero. 

“It’s important you don’t retaliate and stay in your car with the doors and windows locked,” she said.  

“Mistakes happen but how we respond makes all the difference. Showing each other a little respect and courtesy goes a long way to bringing back some good ‘car-ma’.”