Petrol prices reach four-year highs in Townsville

25 May 2018 Townsville drivers were being punished at the pump by prices not seen in more than four years, according to the State’s peak motoring body.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the city’s average was the highest since February 2014, at 154.7 cents per litre (cpl).

“Many Townsville servos have jacked up their prices which is frustrating for drivers who’re sick of paying so much for fuel – in the last week alone the average has jumped by almost 5cpl,” Ms Ross said.

“To think we haven’t experienced prices this high in more than four years is shocking and really hurts motorists in the hip pocket.”

Ms Ross said a rise in the global price of oil had impacted Queensland petrol prices.

“A number of factors, including the United States’ decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and tensions in the Middle East, have caused the global oil price to jump in recent weeks,” she said.

“The increase in the oil price is not enough for fuel companies to hit motorists with some of the prices we’re seeing across the city – some servos are charging 157.4cpl for unleaded.”

Ms Ross said drivers needed to ensure they only supported those service stations charging the lowest prices.

“We’re urging drivers to vote with their wallets and support the servos charging cheaper prices – even if it’s only a cent or two per litre less, we need to give our business to the retailers charging lower prices and shun those ripping us off.”