Learners get schooled on road rules

RACQ has urged young drivers to be aware of the road rules after new data revealed more than 17,000 infringement notices were handed out to learner drivers in a two-year period across the State.

Department of Transport and Main Roads data analysed by the Club found 8598 learners were caught driving a motor vehicle while not under the direction of a supervisor during 2018 and 2019.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said it was a timely reminder to young drivers busy clocking up their logbook hours ahead of the return of practical licence tests.

“If you’re going for a drive, it’s absolutely critical you have a supervisor in the car,” Ms Smith said.

“Driving without a supervisor is incredibly dangerous and to think more than 8500 learners went driving alone is unfathomable.

“Becoming a confident, skilled driver takes time and plenty of practice, which is why learner drivers need to clock up 100 hours of driving with a supervisor.

“It’s also a reminder that supervisors must sit in the seat beside the driver, and police do enforce that rule, with 100 learners fined for not having a supervisor in the front seat.”

Ms Smith said 7545 Queensland learners were also fined for failing to display legible L- plates at the front and rear of a motor vehicle during the same time period.

“It’s important learner drivers have L-plates on so other motorists are considerate of the fact they’re still learning,” she said.

“If you’re caught without L plates, you and your supervisor could both be fined $213.

“Good habits are formed from the beginning of your driving career. If you’re a parent or supervisor, please make sure you’re urging your learner to do the right thing and follow all of the road rules.”