RACQ ambulance gifted to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Following recent bushfires on the Gold Coast, RACQ has donated a second fleet van to help the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital meet increasing demand from injured animals.

Media Release

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the vehicle had been transformed into a wildlife ambulance which would double capacity to get injured animals to and from the hospital.

“This is a peak time for the Hospital to treat injured animals and the recent bushfires and dry conditions have only made the problem harder,” Ms Ritchie said.

“The wildlife ambulance can make all the difference between an animal living and dying, especially if they’ve been involved in a car crash.”

Ms Ritchie said this was the second van the Club had donated, which last year travelled thousands of kilometres and helped more than 11,500 animals in need.

“RACQ has been working with the hospital now for 4 years. Sadly, as motorists we’re heavily responsible for the tens of thousands of animals injured on the roadside each year and it’s important we find a way to give back,” she said.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Vet Dr Michael Pyne said the new RACQ ambulance would be essential and could not have arrived at a better time. 

“The impacts of the recent bushfires are long-lasting, and it upsets the whole balance of wildlife in those areas for six to twelve months,” Dr Pyne said.

“We’re now able to respond more efficiently with access to two ambulances and animals can be rescued from far and wide. 

“For example, while one ambulance is in Tweed, the other ambulance can be attending to areas affected by the bushfires.

“We really appreciate RACQ’s donation as this hospital couldn’t run without the generosity of the public.”