Drivers punished by new financial year fee hikes

29 June 2018 The State’s peak motoring body has warned Queensland drivers would be slugged with outrageous transport fee increases from 1 July.

A range of fees including car registration and licence fees would increase by 3.5 percent from next month while toll prices would also go up.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said drivers already paid their fair share in taxes and should not be used as cash cows to fill government coffers.

“Over the last four years we’ve seen car rego costs rise by nearly 15 percent – it’s not fair on Queensland drivers,” Ms Ross said.

“The cost of renewing your licence will increase, along with fees for disability parking permit applications, safety certificate inspections and the tests drivers need to sit to get a learner, provisional or open licence.

“The cost of using toll roads across Brisbane will also go up, except AirportLink. While these price rises will be limited to the inflation rate, drivers will still pay more to use the Gateway Bridge, Clem7, Legacy Way, Go Between Bridge and Logan Motorway.”

“These extra costs all add up and it puts Queenslanders’ budgets under more stress.”

Ms Ross said 1 July would also see the introduction of the two percent stamp duty surcharge on vehicles over $100,000 flagged in the State Budget.

“We don’t support this new charge on motorists who already pay the Federal Government’s Luxury Car Tax – it’s double dipping.”


Queensland driver licence fees:

Licence duration Cost at 1 July 2017 Cost at 1 July 2018
1 year licence $76.25 $78.90
2 year licence $106.30 $110.00
3 year licence $131.55 $136.15
4 year licence $152.20 $157.55
5 year licence $170.75 $176.75


Queensland registration fees (including traffic improvement fee):

Cylinders Cost at 1 July 2017 Cost at 1 July 2018
4 cylinder $364.65 $377.40
5 or 6 cylinder $545.80 $564.90
7 or 8 cylinder $742.65 $768.65


Tolls prices:

Toll Point Car toll at 1 July 2017 Car toll at 1 July 2018 % increase
Murarrie  $4.47  $4.55 1.8%
Kuraby  $2.64  $2.68 1.5%
Loganlea  $1.69  $1.72 1.8%
Heathwood/Paradise Rd  $2.79  $2.84 1.8%
Go Between Bridge  $3.13  $3.19 1.9%
Clem 7  $5.02  $5.11 1.8%
Legacy Way  $5.03  $5.11 1.6%