RACQ launches new Roadside Assistance app

RACQ’s iconic roadside assistance has entered a new era with the launch of a new mobile app, giving members service in the palm of their hand.

RACQ CEO Assistance Glenn Toms said the next generation RACQ Roadside Assistance app gave members unprecedented visibility to their roadside rescue.

“Members can now track the RACQ patrol while they’re en route, and the app shows their identity with a name and photo,” Mr Toms said.

“In an instance where the assigned patrol is called to respond to an emergency, such as a baby locked in a car, members will receive notification of this in-app and will be provided details of the next patrol coming their way.

“Apps like Uber ridesharing or Domino’s Pizza Tracker changed the game and our members now expect similar levels of service and functionality across all areas of their lives, so we need to keep pace too.”

Mr Toms said the app’s development followed a survey of RACQ members, where 65 percent favoured using a smartphone app to request help.

“Other features of the app include a rating service for members to give immediate feedback, access to road condition information and enhanced GPS capabilities to better locate members and show patrols in their area even before a job is requested,” he said.

Mr Toms said the app was the latest in RACQ’s suite of digital offerings.

“We recently re-launched the Discounts app, and members who have this installed can also access it directly from the Roadside app, bringing together the services and benefits that being an RACQ member brings,” Mr Toms said.

RACQ’s Roadside Assistance app has been released on the iTunes store and will soon be available on the Google Play store for Android users.

Patrol tracking is currently only available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.