Secret’s out: $2.30 for T’ba Second Range Crossing

Motorists now know how much they could expect to pay to use the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing when it opened on 8 September, after the Queensland Government announced the toll would cost light vehicles $2.30 per trip.

Media Release

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club was pleased the State Government had struck the right balance between maintaining the infrastructure and making it affordable for drivers.

“This is a fully funded road project, with both the Federal and State Government contributing $1.6 billion towards construction, and the toll is only meant to cover the ongoing maintenance of the road,” Dr Michael said.

“It’s crucial the Government gets the economics right and we think the toll price is at an appropriate and reasonable level for such a considerable length of road.

“Where drivers see value in a toll road, they’ll reward it with patronage and at $2.30 per trip we’re confident the price is right.” 

Dr Michael said the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing would not only reduce travel time but would also improve road safety outcomes.

“We know toll roads are high quality roads with AusRAP safety ratings of at least four stars, so for motorists the Second Range Crossing will not only get them home sooner but safer,” she said. 

“It’s up to every driver to decide if the toll is worth the savings in time, but we’d hope those who can afford it will also see the safety benefits of travelling on a high-quality road.”