RACQ celebrates start of fuel price reporting trial

30 November 2018 The State’s peak motoring body was set to welcome the launch of a new fuel price reporting trial which would, for the first time, deliver Queensland drivers up-to-date prices and give them the opportunity to get a better bang for their buck at the bowser.

Service stations across Queensland would from Monday be required to report their prices to a State Government appointed aggregator within 30 minutes of a price change at the pump.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the initiative would help put the power back in the hands of motorists and allow them to reward those retailers who offered them the best deal.

“Our members ask for fuel price information and advice more than any other subject and we know Queensland motorists pay some of the highest petrol prices in the country,” Dr Michael said.

“That’s why we’ve lobbied so hard to get them access to the latest fuel prices at all retailers – not just those who choose to give us their data.

“We know lower fuel prices start with increased competition and this change will offer greater transparency for motorists.”

Dr Michael said the start of the trial would coincide with the launch of the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app.

“The app is now freely available for download on Apple and Android devices, making it easy to access from any smartphone,” she said.

“The trial commences on Monday and we’ll be working hard to get those real-time fuel prices to our app and out to motorists as soon as we can get access to the data, allowing drivers to make an informed choice about where they’ll fill their tank.”