Set your phone, then leave it alone

RACQ has launched its biggest ever advocacy campaign today to help stem the number of lives lost due to Queensland’s deadly mobile phone addiction.

Media Release

The State’s peak motoring body has partnered with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), to implore drivers to set their phones, then leave them alone while driving, the key message of its mammoth education and advertisement campaign.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said driver distraction due to mobile phone use was an insidious scourge which killed or severely injured people on Queensland roads every day.

“Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drink driving, and it is much, much more prevalent on our roads in 2019,” Mr Turner said.

“You’re four times more likely to have a crash if driving and using your phone – people know the statistics and now we’re giving them the solution they need so they don’t become one.

“RACQ is asking drivers to set their phone with Bluetooth, maps and music, then switch on their Do Not Disturb while driving function before they hit the road.

“It should become as familiar as putting on your seatbelt.”

Mr Turner said technology had caught up to worldwide concern about distracted driving.

“While we still have maps at our fingertips and can set up our favourite podcast to play, it is also now very easy to set your phone to Do Not Disturb while driving, to remove distraction and temptation,” he said.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey congratulated RACQ on its campaign to tackle mobile phone use while driving.

“People are literally killing themselves and killing others because they can’t keep their hands off their phone,” Mr Bailey said.

“A combination of campaigns like this, innovative tools to block the use of mobile devices by drivers and tougher penalties will help to get the message through.”

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