Lives at risk as State's CTP insurance falls short

The majority of Queenslanders have no idea they might be left to fend for themselves if injured in certain types of crashes, under our State’s current motor injury insurance scheme.

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RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said there were serious gaps in the scheme and Queenslanders were confused about what CTP covered, leaving road users vulnerable.  

“Most Queensland motorists pay around $355.00 a year to be protected by CTP insurance and don’t for a moment think it won’t be there when they need it most,” Mr Turner said.

RACQ has today launched a major campaign initiative, ReThink CTP, to help Queenslanders better understand CTP and provide a platform for them to have their say. 

As part of this initiative, the peak motoring body would also fund Queensland’s first public Citizens’ Jury, where community members would be recruited to consider How our Motor Injury Insurance Scheme should be improved, to better support people injured on Queensland roads, now and into the future. Like a real Jury, approximately 50 randomly selected Queenslanders hear from witnesses, industry experts, stakeholders and the broader community before considering all the evidence and deciding what a good CTP scheme looks like to them. 

“We want to move the debate away from insurers, lawyers and State Government - people who have a financial stake in the CTP scheme – and put the focus back where it belongs; on the people the scheme is there to protect and the motorists who fund it,” Mr Turner said.

“The evidence is damning. The fact is hundreds of thousands of Queensland motorists pay hundreds of dollars a year for insurance they do not understand.

“We want to hear what the people of Queensland have to say on how to improve our scheme.”

Mr Turner said RACQ acknowledged it was one of those stakeholders, so to ensure independence in the process, the Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury would be run by external facilitators with RACQ representing one equal voice alongside other stakeholders.