2017 a bumper year for car thefts

Almost 1,000 members had their cars stolen in 2017, with new RACQ insurance data showing a continuing increase in car thefts in Queensland year-on-year.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said there were 961 thefts last year, up 15 percent on 2016.

“It’s concerning to see car theft numbers continue to steadily increase each year, with around a 15 percent increase each year since 2015,” Ms Clinton said.

“This is a worrying trend for car owners and motorists need to be vigilant and take steps to prevent becoming the next victim.”

Ms Clinton said while the Gold Coast, Logan and Townsville were the car theft hot spots across the State, everyone should follow these four simple tips to ensure their car weren’t the next to be stolen.

  1. Always keep your keys secured

Many vehicles were stolen simply because the keys are left vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

  1. Don’t tempt thieves

Never leave valuables such a mobile phones or laptops visible in your vehicle, tempting passersby.

  1. Wind up your windows when you leave your vehicle

It sounds simple but in Queensland it gets warm and we can often forget to wind the windows back up.

  1. Be strategic about where you park

If you can’t park your car in a locked garage or secure carpark, park it somewhere well-lit and well populated. Cars parked in dark, deserted streets were much more appealing to thieves.