Monsoon trough to bring heavy rains to North Queensland

North Queensland residents were being warned to prepare for destructive rains with predictions a monsoon trough in the northern Coral Sea could become a tropical low or cyclone by Thursday afternoon.

RACQ’s Kirsty Clinton said now was the time to act to protect families and property.

“North Queensland residents are well aware of the dangers that cyclones and topical lows can bring to their region,” Ms Clinton said.

“We’re sure many locals are well prepared for heavy rains, but for those who aren’t, now is the time to get their homes and families prepared for localised flooding.”

RACQ recommend residents use the current dry conditons to:

  • Cut back overgrown trees
  • Clear gutters
  • Fix any roof leaks
  • Consider where you will stay if you have to evacuate
  • Locate your emergency kit and ensure it is up-to-date
  • Charge your mobile phone in case you lose power
  • Make sure your pets are safe
  • Check on your neighbours, especially the elderly
  • Check your insurance

Motorists were also being warned to take precautions and avoid driving during heavy rain.

“Heavy rains combined with the current king tides will cause storm surge and localised flooding in many regions of coastal Queensland,” she said.

“Motorists should check their travel path before leaving home and delay non-essential trips during heavy rain.

“If you must be on the road, slow down, put your lights on and leave extra stopping distance between you and the car in front.

“If rains get too heavy and you can’t see clearly, pull over, but never under a tree. And remember – if it’s flooded, forget it.”