Motorists feel the pinch from regional fuel price correction

The State’s peak motoring body has revealed petrol prices throughout much of regional Queensland were on the rise.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the price correction had seen the average cost of unleaded jump as much as nine cents per litre (cpl) in places like Toowoomba in the last two weeks.

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“We see this happen from time to time, generally when oil and terminal gate prices increase, as they’ve done recently, causing retail margins to drop significantly low,” Ms Ross said.

“Rather than making small increases in line with the oil price, retailers often choose to make a single larger price increase where we see them jump by about 10 cents.

“This time, price increases have been observed in areas including Biloela, Bowen, Bundaberg, Childers, Lockyer Valley, Maryborough, Miles, Toowoomba and Warwick. There’s also some evidence that competition between retailers is starting to place downward pressure on retail prices in some of the more competitive areas.”

Ms Ross said regardless of where motorists were located across the State or what they put in their tanks, they needed to make sure they filled up at the cheapest service stations.

“Fuel is an incredibly volatile commodity influenced by many global factors out of our control, but we can all choose where we spend our money. We urge drivers to do some research before they jump in the car and to make sure they’re rewarding retailers offering the best deals with their business.”

RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder app was available for download on Apple and Android devices.