RACQ busts winter motoring myths

As Queenslanders woke to a chilly start to the new season the State’s peak motoring body reminded locals to take a few extra steps with their cars as it could save them long-term winter woes.

RACQ Manager of Motoring Advice Joel Tucker said drivers were often duped by myths on how to treat their cars during winter.

“One of the most common myths around is that you need to rev your engine to warm the car up on a cold day,” Mr Tucker said.

“This isn’t true at all, leaving the engine to run while stationary to warm up before driving away isn’t needed like in the old days when cars had a carburettor.

“Unless you have an older model, you only need to let it idle for a few seconds until its running smoothly, then you can take off.”

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Mr Tucker said frozen windscreens posed a problem during the frostier mornings but warned drivers against pouring hot water over the car.


“Don’t, under any circumstances, pour hot water over a frosted windscreen. Chances are the extreme change in temperature will cause it to crack, and you’ll be looking at having to replace it,” he said.

“You’re better off carefully using a plastic scraper or cool water to remove any ice and remember your windscreen wipers may have stuck to the screen so check for this before using or lifting them.”

Mr Tucker debunked the popular myth that blasting hot air from the heater or winding down a window was the fastest way to demist your car.

“The best way to clear foggy windows is actually to turn the air conditioner on with the demister on and adjust the heat,” he said.

Motorists were also reminded that while they shivered through the night, their batteries would also feel the cold as temperatures plummeted.

“Winter is tough on batteries, and the cold will often show up any weaknesses,” he said.

“Parking your car under cover or in the garage can help ease some of those issues, but if your battery goes flat, call us on 13 11 11.”