What you can do today to get storm ready

As the Bureau of Meteorology predicted a wild summer of weather with a 70 percent chance of a La Nina system forming, RACQ launched its Severe Weather Hub to help Queenslanders prepare.

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while Queenslanders were used to severe weather, it was important no one was complacent about preparing their household and homes.

“Our research has found only one in four members pack an emergency kit when a serious storm is forecast, leaving three quarters unprepared for a possible disaster,” Ms Ross said.

“An emergency kit is a must-have for anyone in the path of severe weather. It can make a world of difference to your family if you have access to medications, food and clean drinking water.

“We’ve seen firsthand just how challenging those first days after a severe weather event can be, which is why we’ve built out Queensland’s one-stop-shop for advice in our Severe Weather Hub.”

Ms Ross said while the hub covered everything Queenslanders must do before, during and after an event, there were four simple steps Queenslanders should take now.

“Right now, we’re in the preparation phase of severe weather season, which means making time to work through four key actions,” she said.

“First, check your insurance and make sure it adequately covers you for an event. Make sure your listed valuables are up to date and speak to your insurer about what your policy covers.

“Second, prep your property to reduce any potential damage your home could experience during a weather event. Whether it’s clearing out gutters, trimming trees or checking the roof – make time this weekend. Third, make sure your emergency kit is stocked and each member of your family knows here it is.

“Finally, sit down with your household and agree on your evacuation plan. Whether it’s for a storm, flood or bushfire, you all need to be on the same page about what you’ll do, and where you’ll go, in the case of an event.”

For more information on severe weather season, visit RACQ’s Severe Weather Hub.